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Y Class Lifeboat

The Y-class is mainly used as a small tender carried on board the RNLI All Weather lifeboats, and is normally found on the Severn and the Tamar class lifeboats. They were also found on the Arun class before having been retired from service.

When in use it carries up to a crew of two and is primarily used in cliff incidents where the casualty is near the shore and the all-weather lifeboat cannot get to the base of the cliffs due to rocks or shallow water.

The boat isn't being modelled on any particular boat as I am yet to decide what my future subject Severn class build will be. The details of the Y class are below:

Built: Avon Inflatables

Engines: 1 x 15hp Mariner

Range: Usually Within Sight of ALB

Speed: 25 Knots

Crew: Usually 2

Construction: Hypalon/PVC


The picture below show the Y class on the back of a Tamar Lifeboat:


And hopefully what the model will look like when complete:

Click 'Part 1' for the build of the model:

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