Waveney Class Lifeboat (44ft Motor Lifeboat)

The 44' MLB was designed by the U.S. Coast Guard, with work starting on the prototype (USCG 44300) in April 1961, which was completed on the 9 March 1962. A total of 110, 44' MLB's were built for the U.S. Coast Guard, with the last boat (USCG 44409) being completed in 1972.

There was a great interest shown in the 44' MLB at the Ninth International Lifeboat Conference in Scotland in 1963, which eventually resulted in several countries adopting the design with some modifications for their own lifesaving organisations.
The RNLI in Britain acquired the USCG 44328 in 1964 and built a further 21, naming the class "Waveney" after the river in which the first boats were built. The Canadian Coast Guard received the USCG 44353 in 1966 and built a further 17. The Italian Coast Guard purchased the USCG 44337 and USCG 44338 while the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue and the Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving both built two boats. A further ten boats were built under licence in England for Iranian Coast Guard, bringing the total in all to 162.

My victim of choice will be The Scout of which I will base my model. The details of which are below:

Built: 1977 At Bideford Shipyard - Devon

Engines: 2 x 250hp Ford Mermaid 595T Swapped In 1982 To 2 x 250hp Caterpillar D3208T

Range: 240 Nautical Miles

Speed: 15.5 Knots

Displacement: 18 Tonnes

Crew: 5

Construction: Steel

Donor: The Scout Association

Named: 14th July 1977 by HM Queen Elizabeth II

Cost: £122,000

Service History

Hartlepool: 17/2/1977 - July 1997. Launched 250 Times & Saving 10 Lives

Relief Fleet: July 1997 - November 1997 (Sold Out Of Service November 1997)


The pictures below show 44-001, the first RNLI Waveney Lifeboat aswell as 44-016:







http://www.44mlb.com/44mlb-home.htm Is a good site for more pictures of various Waveneys aswell as some Waveney models.

I managed to win an original Lifeboat Naming Card for the Scout. It is as scanned below, I have added a watermark on the image to prevent it from being abused.


Click 'Delivery'' for the build of the model:


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