The model is entirely made out of plastic. It comes supplied with everything needed including the wire, heat shrink sleeving and screws. The kit either slots and locks together or is screwed together. The instructions are pretty easy to follow - childs play really.

Below shows the contents.

The first job was to install the main on/off switch to the top cover, this was secured with screws.

The battery terminals were then slotted into the underside of the cover.

The throttle arms were then made up and secured to the votage regulator. This assembly was then secured to the bottom of the box cover.

The wiring was then connected up. Basically batteries to voltage regulator and then voltage regulator to the fan which will drive the turbine blades.

The upright support was then attached to the main box and the wire which connects to the drive fan, was then run inside the upright support.

The next job was to install the lower aerofoil. The wire was threaded through and it was then secured to the upright support. The inner engine nacelle was also added at this point.

The wires from the voltage regulator were then connected to the drive fan and the 2 LED's located on the inside of the nacelle. The top half of the aerofoil was then secured onto the lower part.

With the first half of the model complete, the next job was the make up the compressor blades.

The main fan blades were assembled.

The rest of the 2nd stage compressor blades were then added onto the spindle aswell as the 1st and 2nd stage turbine blades and the finally the tail cone. The blade set was then secured into the engine casing.

The inner engine casing was then secured to the nacelle and then the clear nacelle casing added on the front.

There we have it, a few hours of building a childs toy - life couldnt be better!



©Dan Walker