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First Things First

I must make it clear at this stage that the Trent is my model, however it was built by Mike Pendlebury. The reason for this is pretty simple - I bought the kit but jumped in at the deep end at the same time. I made a dogs dinner of the running gear and I gave up. In August 2008, I went back offshore for 2 months and found Mike with the wonders of the 'Model Boat Mayhem' forum. In that same month I was involved in a very serious accident which left me fighting for life. I finally came out of hospital in november 2008, I managed to get the kit together ready for delivery. In December 2008, I finally managed to get the kit to Mike with the help from a good mate Lee. The rest is history!

Mikes a top bloke, he'll help anyone who wants to learn. He's well known in the model boating scene and has built allsorts. Mike loves the technical challenges of making things work. After lengthy talks about what we could apply to the model we came up with:

Working Lights, Radar Scanner & Radar Screen inside the Wheelhouse

Working Window Wipers

Exhaust Running Water & Smoke (connected to throttle for variable flow)

Engine Sound Units

Working Trim Tabs

Working Wheelhouse Door & Hatches

No doubt more as the build progresses

Mike will post the build on other forums and these will be the same as this build sequence:

Starting The Build

All the parts were delivered to me in December 2008 and as I was working on the Thomas McCunn at the time not a lot was done for a while. After much discussion the following features were to be incorporated into the model:

Full working Navigation, Interior and deck lights.
Working radar scanner to include illuminated screens in the wheelhouse.
Working wipers on the front windows.
Full engine sounds
Exhaust smoke and coolant system.
Working trim tabs
All doors and hatches to open and close.
Plus anything else I can think of during the build!!!!

As I only live about 70 odd miles from Whitby, a day was spent onboard the boat with my camera and the blessing of both the Station Mechanic and the Cox'n to take pictures of anything I wanted. So 200 or so pictures later we are ready to start.

These first picture show all the parts as delivered by Dan and consists of hull, superstructure, brass photo-etchings, white metal and urethane fittings, motors (one is u/s!!), plans (from the RNLI), vac forms and the F14 Navy r/c system.

The first thing to be done was to remove all the internals (motors,shafts, rudders etc) and then remove all the old motor mounts. This gave me a bare hull on which to start again.

Now the hull is back to square one it was cleaned down to remove any dirt etc, sanded and to fill the minor imperfections several coats of spray filler added and rubbed down.

Also at this time a reinforcement beam was fitted under the rear deck between the engine hatch cutouts. This stiffens the rear deck as making the hatch covers removable allows the deck to flex. It will also allow the secure fitting of the rear towing post later in the build as Dan wants to be able to tow "casualties" with the Trent.

The hull was then sprayed with three coats of red oxide primer allowing each coat to harden properly. After masking off the lower hull was sprayed with two coats of red.

Again when hardened the hull was re-masked and the upper section painted with two coats of blue.

Whilst the paint was hardening the trim tabs were assembled and then hinged onto the transom. These tabs will be operational via bowden cables operated by heavy duty servos.

The holes for the working exhausts were cut out, hinged cover outlets made and the rams for the tabs fitted.

Also the rudders were built using overlays on standard r/c rudders to give the correct shape. Again these will be operated by a heavy duty servo to counteract the large forces on them at higher speeds using a closed "push/pull" system.

The waterline was added and the red and yellow trim fitted. Across the stern the station name has been added.



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