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Trent Class Lifeboat

Trent Class Lifeboats serve the shores of the UK and Ireland as a part of the RNLI all-weather fleet. They are named after the River Trent, the second longest river wholly in England.

Designed to lie afloat at deep water or at a berth, the all-weather Trent class lifeboat entered service in 1994 as an abridged, yet none-the-less robust adaptation of the Severn Class Lifeboat. Designed and built by Green Marine, each boat is constructed of over 100 mm thick fibre reinforced composite topsides, single laminate double hull bottoms, 4 water-tight bulkheads and prepreg epoxy, glass and kevlar shields.

The Trent class itself has a service life of 25 years, although current estimates appear to exceed these original operational confines due to constant on-station maintenance, periodic refitting and sporadic repairs. In comparison with its predecessors, the boat has numerous additional advantages which aid in the overall success of every launch. One obvious detail would be its condensed hull, which allows it to operate in significantly constrained locations, such as marina berths and dense quayside areas.

Another aspect aiding in its confined manoeuvrability would be the bilge keels which aid in protecting its twin drive props. Its hull sheerline sweeps down into an area known as the welldeck, which dramatically helps with ease of casualty recovery. The remote location of an a-frame hoist also provides additional assistance for particularly awkward recoveries, such as casualties in stretchers.

I will base my model on the George & Mary Webb, current Whitby Lifeboat. The details of which are below:

Built: Hull At Green Marine - Lymington & Fitted Out By Souter Shipyard - Cowes

Engines: 2 x 860hp MAN D2840LE 401 Deisels

Range: 250 Nautical Miles

Speed: 25 Knots

Displacement: 27.5 Tonnes

Crew: 6 (+1 Doctor Where Neccessary)

Construction: GRP

Donor: The Mary Webb Trust

Cost: £1,103,008

Service History

Whitby: 10/4/1996 - Present


The pictures below show 14-14, the current Whitby Lifeboat:







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