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Towing Barge

Since building my tug, I have wanted something to tow. There is many hull mouldings availalbe from manufacturers but I have found these to require quite a lot of work to get them ready for towing. Now you can go down the route of making a stunning tug and pulling around something which looks rubbish, or you can buy a mould, adjust it to your specifications. I choose, like many other tug modellers to build my own. The basic shape of the barges are the same, but differ vastly in size. A company I worked for owned a barge big enough to support an oil rig being transported to the site where it would be installed, on the other hand, i've seen small barges which are just long enough to handle pipes at 12 meters in length.

My barge is 46" long, 17" wide and 9" high (including 1/2" keels)

I based the basic structure and framing on another barge I have seen but altered some measurements etc to my own design. With such a huge draft available, I needed something which could handle plenty of ballast. I plan to use standard 5 litre bottles which I can fill up at the pond. The barge therefore must accomodate these bottles and also make it easy for the bottles to be placed or removed. Its possible I could squeeze 30kg of ballast in the model and my calculations say it should sit with around 3-4" draft - we'll soon find out.

The size of the barge was also based around another idea I have and plan to make in the future - a working crane barge. Theres plenty of space and support inside and the barge would need little modification structure wise to make it self propelled.


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