I've had this little kit and others for quite a while now and decided it was finally time to spend an afternoon putting the kit together.

The first job was to screw on the oil pan to the underside of the engine block.

The front and rear engine stands were then screwed to the block.

The stands were then inserted into the base and screwed from below.

These are the parts which make up the starter motor.

As with any parts which need glueing, I used plastic weld for speed and to ensure a neat join.

The starter motor was then attached onto the engine block and the cogs merged with the fly wheel.

The fan unit required very little assembly.

It again was simply plastic welded onto the block.

The alternator halves were plastic welded together.

It was then plastic welded onto the block along with its support arm.

These are the parts to make the oil filter.

They were again plastic welded together.

And finally plastic welded onto the block.

Same process with the fuel filter.

And again in place on the block.

So now its time for the fiddly carburetor assembly. Below are the parts for one of the two carburetors on the engine.

The bowl, front and read sections were plasctic welded together.

The carburetors were then installed onto the manifold using screws.

These are the carburetor linkages.

They were then plastic welded onto the main body of the carburetor along with the throttle control cable.

Now it was time to assemble the exhausts.

The exhaust pipes were then welded onto the left and right exhaust headers.

These are the halves of the fuel line filter.

They were plastic welded together.

The manifold was then screwed to the top of the block along with the exhaust system.

These components are the left and right side valve covers and the air filter.

This is the distributor assembly along with oil filler cap and breather tube.

The distributor along with various pipework was installed onto the block. The valve covers were also added at this stage.

The fuel feed line was then added and attached to the carburetors.

The next job is to install the spark plug cables and attach them to the distributor.

The cables were superglued onto the distributor and wires run and then glued into the cylinders.

And heres a few pictures of the completed engine.

These are really great little kits which require a few hours work and make brilliant little shelf exhibits.




©Dan Walker