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Heres some pictures of the model lighting in the dark. The pictures are a little crappy as i've had to adjust the exposure to show the lighting. I intend to get some of the model on the pond at dusk so stay tuned.

I have been debating for quite some time whether to add rubber fendering at the bow and rear sides. This would mean rubbing off the paint back the the GRP and sticking the rubber on. Stripping off the paint proved to be quite a challenge and I was suprised at how tough the stuff actually was. There is some scratching around the areas where the rubber was stuck and I will touch this in with some satin black paint. I may also be weathering the tug soon and so natural marks will be fine.

The final tire fender was added at the stern. Installation was the same as the others.

Some towing ropes were made up using the nylong type stuff from an old velux blind. I will in time get or make some shackles.

I have just obtained some styrene tubing to make the ladders which attach onto the superstructure on both port and starboard sides. The various lengths were cut and simply plastic welded together.

And finally the ladders painted and in place.

I decided to make a skip in an attempt to make more deck clutter. It is a 1:24th scale of a 8 cubic yard skip so length is 12ft, width 5ft6 and height 4ft. It was made from styrene sheet. After painting, i'm going to attempt my first bit of weathering as quite simply, i've never seen a neat, clean skip.

Heres the skip all weathered. The name on the side is of a yorkshire based skip company to keep things local. A similar type has been outside my house recently.

I decided to combine my pallet and barrals to make a single peice of deck cargo. The barrals were firstly glued onto the pallet

The rope/string is actually from my late grandads shed. I found it along with other goodies and is a perfect substitute for rope.

The netting is actually one of those bags you get in some washing machine powders/products. It was cut roughly to the size if the pallet and threaded with the rope. The ends of the rope were superglued together.

Some rope was wrapped about the barrels and tied off onto the pallet.

And finally, the rope was placed over the barrels and again tied off to the pallet.

Some finishing touches were also added to the superstructure. Firstly the vessel name board was glued on.

The fire hose reel holder was glued on.

The funnel vents were then added.

The wheelhouse doors were then glued on. This is the starboard side which was glued on in a closed position. The port side will be glued in an open position to allow access to the wheelhouse for any further additions in the future.

And finally, a tow rope 'guide rope' was installed. I was going to make a brass rod version but saw some other models with ropes used instead. I decided to do the same and heres the result.



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