Wyeforce (63ft Towing & Berthing Harbour Tug)

The Wyeforce was built in 1994 by Hepworth Shipyards of Hull for Itchen Marine. The Wyeforce's duties include ship towage and liner berthing in and around Southampton. Her hard chine hull is heavily built, with a conventional twin-screw layout using fixed pitch four bladed propellers working within fixed Kort nozzles. Originally the tug was to be built in the Netherlands as Itchen Marine had thought that the British ship yards were too expensive. First planed also to use the Caterpillar 3508 engines. However, between Hepworth Shipyards of Hull and the Caterpillar dealers Leverton in Windsor, an alternative solution was proposed using Caterpillar 3412 engines. These engines gave an improved power to weight ratio and the tug was also finally built in England by Hepworth. The finial solution uses the 3412 engine with box coolers and is coupled to Reintje WAF 360 reverse reduction gears with a reduction ratio of 6 to 1. Apart from the machinery and 13,000 liters of fuel, there is still room below deck for four crew members.

Built: 1994 Hepworth Shipyard - Hull

Engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3412 Diesels (500kw Each)

Range: 700 Nautical Miles (At 10 Knots)

Speed: 11 Knots

Draft: 8' 6"

Beam: 20'

Displacement: 57 Tons

Construction: Steel

Bollard Pull : 19 Tons

Owner: Itchen Marine Ltd - Southampton

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