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Couldn't resist roughly assembling some sides of the hangar.

The original plan for this hangar was to convert into a 1/24 small single aircraft hangar to house the 1/24th spitfire that im building also. However the wingspan is a little too big for the hangar, and there's doors to go on aswell.

Now the painting can begin. For the exterior, I am using XF-16 and for the framing, I am using X-14. Will probably do the interior walls white. I did some test spraying on some offcuts of the same material and found that as long as the area wasn't flooded, then there was no effect on the cardboards surface at all and so I decided to paint directly onto the card. I applied Klear to the exterior surfaces after painting as the alloy paint had a tendency to rub off onto my fingers and pollute everything I touch.

Ran out of paint at this point, despite using a 50/50 mix and only really giving it a reasonably light coat. You get the idea anyway.

I managed to find some of the same card material in hobby craft for a not so reasonable £5 a sheet. One sheet should do the rest of the diorama, however I got two just in case. These will be scored to create large concrete slabs to simulate how it would have been laid.

Here is a sample of the idea I was playing with in regard to the concrete effect for the hangar floor/apron, leaves a lot to be desired I feel...

Today I have finally laid down the large sheet of card, cut to shape and scored lines in the entire apron area. I am now sure how I want the diorama to look.

Joins were unavoidable, but these hopefully can be blended in when I have some paint on there to see how bad the join is.

I also began the task of cutting the see through plastic sheet that came with the kit, and sticking them to the backs of the window panels. Hard to see on the camera, but I have left these the natural colour of the card as there is little burn marks on the corners which pass as rust very nicely. These are not yet glued to the exterior because the interior sides need painting.

Annoyingly, it seems GPM haven't been generous enough to supply the actual amount of clear plastic I need to complete the operation. I am now left with pretty much the entire rear side of the hangar without glass. I will have to source a similar material next time I am in hobbycraft. L.E.D's have been ordered along with appropriate resistors and as soon as they arrive, the soldering can begin. I may have to purchase a 3mm hole punch in order to get a clean hole in the cardboard roof. There will be 18 lights in total.

I could now move onto painting the interior sides white. Took 2 pots of paint to do this task.

The previously windowed panels could now be glued onto the exterior sides.

The blue framing was also glued to the interior sides.

Painting has resumed on the roof framing. The scorch marks from the cutting has left some nice rusting effect on the painted frames..

Finally the roof is done and painted! Been really struggling with cramp in my hands recently and this build has just about pushed me over the edge purely down to the size of the thing. Think its a carpel tunnel thing...

I then turned my attention to the base. I started by roughly painting where the yellow taxi lines would be located.

The yellow was then masked with 6mm tamiya tape and the curves were formed.

Black was then sprayed next to the yellow.

At this stage, I decided to pre-shade the entire base. The 'inside' area in which the hangar would sit on was shaded lighter, infact more of the dirty grey.

2mm jammy dog tape was 'piggy-backed' along the tamiya tape covering the yellow in order to protect the black outline.



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