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Starting The Build

Well the freshly moulded GRP hull finally arrived and so the building can begin! My friend had previously been to his dads's boat to take some reference pictures and some crucial measurements for the build. The first stage was to mark out where things went such as the engine box, cab, rear box and bow deck. The prop shaft and the 540 type motor then installed as shown below. I also created the gunnels at this early stage.

Next job was to Fit the deck and make an engine box. This will be made to be removable and will house both the motor and the power board which contains the fuses.

The rear box has been installed, this will house the battery. The ribs have started to be installed. I used a profile guage to get the exact profile of the hull sides, then cardboard templates made and checked against the hull. I then used the templates to draw the shapes onto the wood to then be cut out and fitted. Every rib on the coble is different so no shortcuts here i'm afraid!

Another view of the installation along with the servo which will be used to control the rudder.

And another.

The installation of the ribs is now complete, the bow deck fixed in place along with the bulkhead which will allow the cab to be removed with great ease. The 'seat' area behind the motor has been installed and the complete of the inside primed and painted.


The electrics (all ACTion Electronics) have been installed as follows - P80 Condor 20A ESC, P92 Power Board, P63 Diesel Sound Gen, P97 Amp & 4" 10w Mylar Speaker.


The engine box has also been installed along with the power board.


A closer look at the power board


The installation of the blocks which will allow the rudder to be attached, have been installed. 3mm bolts where then screwed in and glued. The brackets on the rudder will then slide over these and then be sucured by the appropriate nuts. The painting of the hull has also begun, starting with the anti-foul and then the white stripes.




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